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Flexible Engagement Models

Expand your Salesforce Possibilities

Demands of digital-business and user expectations have raised the bar on how CRM solutions are utilized in the organization. Rapid and continuous expansion of the Salesforce product offerings and interdependency to other business processes have made planning, design, deployment and ongoing management of a Salesforce initiative even more complex.

Cloudcraftz brings extensive industry expertise, along with deep technical and functional skills to help you improve efficiency, efficacy and business agility of the interactions between your organizations and your customers. Whether your goals include improving customer satisfaction, acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, creating a single view of the customer, cross-selling to customers, and improving campaign response rates, our comprehensive methodology, tools, techniques, automation and knowledge assets ensure success for your Salesforce initiative.

Implementation Services

A successful implementation is as much about the awesome software as it is about the processes and the team behind the implementation. Cloudcraftz brings extensive industry expertise and in-depth technical skills, which drives our solutions to make sure you get the maximum value from your Salesforce initiative.

Managed Services

Manage your fluctuating needs in Salesforce expertise with our flexible engagement models, which will ensure best of service within your budgetary constraints. Our services can help you with application optimization, ongoing enhancements and support, lightning migration, analytics, dashboards and more

Development Services

Our development services help our customers build beautiful Salesforce applications using all the latest capabilities of the Salesforce platform and also leveraging our growing portfolio of stored procedures, scripts and reusable code that has been refined over several projects.

Integration Services

A robust integration strategy combined with the right technology is essential to achieve successful digital transformation. Cloudcraftz leverages expertise in both Salesforce and the MuleSoft Platform to create business efficiencies, deliver a unified customer experience and drive faster time to value.

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